Winona 2015 – Restaurants & Bars


Restaurants & Bars I visited around Winona:

  • Bub’s Brewing Company: Any college student, current or past, will mention Bub’s (pronounced Boobs) if asked about restaurants or bars in Winona. It’s not glamorous, it’s not goububsrmet, but the burgers hit the spot and the drinks that accompany them are mixed well. You don’t go there for the food especially, though some swear by the burgers and the ‘Cellar Mushrooms.’

I had a roast beef mushroom Swiss burger and a few hard lemonade mixed drinks. Decent burger, great service and drink recommendations. I’m not a beer drinker, but I’ve heard good things about their microbrews too. The atmosphere was laid back and friendly, but not too busy on a Friday night when school was still out.


  • The Acoustic Café: Nestled in Winona’s historic downtown district, The Acoustic Café is a go-to meet up place for college students and senior citizens alike. Known for their in-house roasted coffee, their chili and hoagies, and their artsy and hip atmosphere; this eatery is an essential stop for anyone visiting town. I16245693712_b6afcea7b6_of you’re in Winona on a Friday or Saturday evening you might pop in for a night of live music with no cover charge.






  • Sushi Pirate: Minnesota and Wisconsin are not exactly known for their sushi.  And this seems doubly true for smaller towns. So when my brother’s friends decide to pile into a car and drive to La Crosse, Wisconsin for sushi, I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fish. It’s not Tokyo good, or even Las Vegas good. But it is decent sushi for a reasonable price in a town of 50,000 in Eastern Wisconsin. If you’re visiting either La Crosse or Winona it’s worth consideration.



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