Thoughts On Recent Events


It occurred to me yesterday just how lucky and privileged I really am.

I’m excitedly gearing up for an international move where there won’t be anyone at the airport to take me into a detention area, to deport me back where I came from, or to inform me that I’m suddenly no longer allowed to enter because of the stroke of a pen that happened while I was mid-flight.

All this because by some happenstance of the cosmos I was born in America, and others were not.  Because I wasn’t born into war and terror, and others were.

It’s a sobering thought for someone who is also about to start a new stage of their life in another country…


A 2017 International Move


This year’s travel will be taking on a whole new dimension for me.  I’ll be selling everything off, packing the rest in boxes, filling two suitcases, and moving to Vietnam.

The plan is to complete my TESL certification in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and work a six month teaching contract there.  If I love it (both the work and the location) then I stay, making Vietnam my new jumping-off point for travel.  If the vocation is a fit but I’m less enthused by the local scene I can take my certification and experience almost anywhere in the world.  And if I hate teaching then it’s back to the drawing board in finding a lifestyle that accommodates my wanderlust…

I’ve really got my fingers crossed that teaching in Vietnam is a fit.

  • The jobs pay decent money (which I need for my student loan payments back home…)
  • The cost of living is wonderfully low in ‘nam
  • Vietnam is also located in an area that makes visits/flights to some of my dream destinations within easy reach.  i.e. Japan, Australia, India.


I’ll be keeping you updated as my departure date gets closer…